DUTAB PPA – 300A / C03 00607

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DUTAB PPA – 300A / C03 00607PPA---300A---C03-00607
Dual Component – Air
Two Part Cartridge
Nominal Thrust 1,188lbs.
True Adjustable Air Regulator – 100 PSI Maximum
Instant Dump Valve
Centralizing Discs – Secure and Accurate Cartridge Location
Reverse Air – Plunger Return with Trigger
All Component Replaceable Parts
Air Hose Connector included

Available Items:
PPA-300A/300B-1 – 300ML x 300ML
PPA-300A/300B-2 – 300ML x 150ML
PPA-300A/300B-3 – 300ML x 75ML

December 2, 2013

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